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Mobile Vascular Screening

The early diagnosis of chronic conditions such as peripheral artery disease (PAD) leads to lower healthcare costs and better patient outcomes

Mobile Vascular Screening

Early PAD detection is an essential component of The Wound Pros comprehensive wound care strategy. Wound evaluation from multiple perspectives is what distinguishes The Wound Pros from others.

Mobile Vascular

Early PAD detection is essential to superior outcomes

Early detection of PAD is invaluable. Once PAD has been determined in an extremity, care must be taken to avoid tight gauze dressings, provide properly fitting footwear, and avoid compression devices or modalities such as anti-embolism stockings. The degree of PAD can predict wound healing and can prompt the usage of appropriate off-loading and pressure relieving devices.


  • User friendly
  • Can be performed at point-of-service
  • Facilitates transparency in wound care management
  • Facilitates data-driven wound care


  • Utilizes Bluetooth Technology
  • Produces quantitative reports with color-coded guide
  • Data integration into The Wound Pros EHR platform
  • 1-minute test that measures ABI, BMI, Blood Pressure and more
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