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Why We Do It

To revolutionize the wound care industry by enhancing standardization and efficiency.

How We Do It

A High-Tech, High-Touch approach to wound care management yields great dividends.

What We Do

We heal chronic and acute wounds faster, efficient and more cost effectively.

At The Wound Pros, our vision is to be the Leader in Wound Care Management and Standardization.

We are an accredited supplier of Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) as well as a participating Medicare Part B provider.
About the Wound Pros

Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds. The Wound Pros Can Help!

Our full service wound care strategy has added enormous value to long-term facilities across the country by providing an array of essential tools including: Digital Wound Management, Advanced EHR System, Mobile Vascular Assessment, Polymerase Chain Reaction testing, Digital Supply tracking, as well as Advanced Wound Care Dressings. Because we are a Medicare Part B provider, our partnering agencies have enjoyed incredible cost savings.

At The Wound Pros, We Strive to Provide
Serenity and Peace of Mind

At the Wound Pros we "LINK" in order to achieve our Core Values.

Physician Managed DME Company

Our vision is to change the way the world treats and manages non-healing wounds.
Chronic non-healing wounds can compromise the quality of life for those living in long-term care facilities. The longer a wound remains open or unhealed, the greater the chance of unwanted complications such as infection, hospitalization, and even amputation.
At The Wound Pros, we are dedicated to meeting this challenge head-on with our "Hi-Tech Hi-Touch Approach” to wound care management. Our vision is to change the way the world treats and manages chronic non-healing wounds with better data, better decision making and better documentation.

High-Tech Wound Care Management

Artificial Intelligence integrated with wound care management will improve standardization and ultimately healing outcomes
Obtaining accurate wound measurements in long term care facilities can be challenging and sometimes frustrating. Inconsistent wound measurements can lead to poor documentation, delayed decision making and even regulatory head aches.
Accurate measurement and tracking are critical to the healing and management of chronic wounds which affects an increasing number of people living in long-term care facilities. With the Wound Pros digital wound management system, our partnering facilities can have access to wound healing outcomes for each patient as well as data related to all wounds in each facility by wound classification.

High Touch Customer Relations

Embracing advanced technology while recognizing the importance of human-to-human interaction is the name of the game
The Wound Pros High-Touch service model is designed to provide our various partners with exceptional customer service at every level of The Wound Pros experience. Because we are in a continuous state of customer service refinement, our customer service platform is designed for enhanced human-to-human interaction. From our leadership, sales and marketing and clinical teams, our goal is to always focus on the human side of every business interaction.
The Wound Pros Customer Care Service

Expert Wound Care.
Advanced Wound Dressings.

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