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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective customers might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like your return policy, product warranty info, shipping and returns, etc. Check out the examples below.

Will the facility or resident’s family be billed?

As an experienced billing company and participating Medicare Supplier, we recognize and accept the risk that we may be denied for claims. Because we have agreed with Medicare to accept assignment of all claims, in the event of a denial, we do not seek payment from the resident, resident’s family, or facility, but rather, we follow the Medicare Appeals Process to recoup denied charges. Residents may be responsible for coinsurance and deductibles as required by law.

We make money every month from Medicare for our Part B billing. Why should we let your company do the billing?

Many companies receive a monthly reimbursement check from Medicare. However, relatively few companies do an actual cost analysis to determine their expenditures versus reimbursement. Typically, we find that most facilities are spending considerably more than Medicare is reimbursing them. We can help in your decision by doing an analysis of your wound care practices and cross checking billable products against money reimbursed from Medicare Part B.

Following this type of analysis, many of our clients have realized that they are tying up hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every month in shipping and receivables management. Once these product costs are eliminated from your budget, this can considerably increase your available funds each month depending on the number of residents in your facility who qualify for our program.

Which products do you use?

As a distributor, we search out the best products on the market, and individualize the protocols to meet the specific needs of your residents. To do this, we will use some name brand products that you recognize, and some less familiar brands. In every case, our products are of superior quality and warranted to meet rigorous standards.

Many products on the market today are not reimbursable by Medicare. The only products we are able to supply are those approved by Medicare. This may mean that in rare instance, certain “newer” dressings are not billable under Medicare.

We do not have many wound residents.

Do we still qualify for your program?

We recognize that you may not have many wound residents in your facility today. Often, facilities are reluctant to accept new admissions with serious wounds because of the increased costs in supplies. By eliminating the concern of higher costs associated with wound dressings, many facilities are more willing to admit these individuals. Our goal is to build a relationship with your facility and to help meet the needs of your present and future residents.

We have an exclusive buying contract with “Company X.” How can we utilize your program?

Because you do not purchase any products from our company, you do not violate your current buying contracts. You continue to purchase all of your supplies for Part A residents under the same exclusive buying agreement. However, we can provide dressing supplies for your Part B residents, billing for the residents’ Medicare Part B benefits, saving your facility additional dollars by removing the cost of those supplies from your budget. By working with The Wound Pros, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of low purchase prices with your exclusive buying contract. However, you would purchase fewer products.