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Ralph J. Cetrulo has been appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of The Wound Pros

The appointment of Ralph J. Cetrulo as Chief Financial Officer marks a significant milestone for The Wound Pros.

Dr. Swati Hans Appointed as VP of Business Development at The Wound Pros

June 14, 2023
The Wound Pros
Author: The Wound Prod
June 14, 2023

A seasoned physician with over a decade of allied healthcare expertise joins The Wound Pros

LOS ANGELES, April 5, 2022 – The Wound Pros The Wound Pros, the nation's leading wound care management company specializing in chronic non-healing wounds, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Swati Hans as its Vice President of Business Development. With a focus on partnering with skilled nursing facilities, hospice agencies, and home healthcare companies, The Wound Pros provides advanced wound care dressings and biologics, such as skin substitutes, to effectively treat acute and chronic non-healing wounds. Dr. Hans' addition to the team will further enhance the company's dedication to delivering comprehensive wound care solutions.

Dr. Swati Hans

In January 2022, Dr. Hans joined The Wound Pros as the Vice President of Business Development, with a specific focus on overseeing the growth of the skilled nursing facility sector. In this capacity, she will collaborate closely with Daniel Yeager, the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The Wound Pros, to drive strategic initiatives and propel expansion efforts. Dr. Hans' expertise and leadership will play a pivotal role in further strengthening the company's position within the skilled nursing facility market.

Dr. Swati Hans holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology from Michigan State University and a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida. She has also earned multiple MBAs in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Hans is a licensed healthcare professional of exceptional caliber with over ten years of experience in patient care and more than five years specializing in utilization review for worker's compensation cases in California and Texas.

In her role as VP of Business Development, Dr. Swati Hans will play a pivotal role in enhancing and facilitating the rapid expansion of The Wound Pros into new markets across the country. Her extensive expertise and knowledge will contribute to the company's growth and success as it ventures into new territories, delivering comprehensive wound care solutions to a wider range of patients.

Dr. Hans places great emphasis on achieving a healthy work-life balance, recognizing the intense nature of the healthcare industry. Beyond her professional commitments, she finds joy in spending time with friends, hiking, participating in sports, immersing herself in music, exploring new destinations, and caring for her beloved dogs.

Within The Wound Pros, Dr. Hans actively engages in collaboration with diverse teams comprising doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals. By fostering a spirit of cooperation and teamwork, she strives to provide comprehensive and exceptional wound care solutions, prioritizing patient well-being and delivering optimal healthcare outcomes.

About The Wound Pros
The Wound Pros is a physician-owned and managed biotech company with an emphasis on treating and managing wounds in long-term care facilities. It is an accredited supplier of Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) and a Medicare Part B provider in the United States. The company provides wound care services to long-term facilities across the country, including digital wound management, mobile vascular assessment, digital supply tracking, advanced EHR systems, and advanced wound care dressings. The Wound Pros uses a "High-Tech, High-Touch" approach leveraging the power of technology and AI to improve standardization and healing outcomes and a "High-Touch" approach providing human-to-human interactions for customer service and quality service delivery to its clients.

The Wound Pros is a privately held company.