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Ralph J. Cetrulo has been appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of The Wound Pros

The appointment of Ralph J. Cetrulo as Chief Financial Officer marks a significant milestone for The Wound Pros.

The Wound Pros welcomes Ayanna Releford as the new Director of Global Help Desk Integration

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Ayanna Releford will oversee and coordinate global helpdesk support for The Wound Pros' esteemed clientele. 

The Wound Pros is thrilled to appoint Ayanna Releford as its new Director of Global Helpdesk Integration. As the nation's leading wound care management company, The Wound Pros specializes in treating and managing chronic non-healing wounds. Through valuable partnerships with long-term care facilities, the company offers a comprehensive range of services, including advanced wound care dressings and skin substitutes for acute and chronic wounds. Additionally, The Wound Pros provides wound care education for staff, further reinforcing their commitment to delivering top-quality care and advancing wound management practices.

Ayanna Releford boasts a remarkable academic background, holding Bachelor's degrees in B.S. Information Systems and Spanish Literature from the University of Nevada, Reno. Additionally, she pursued further education, obtaining a Master's in Information Technology Management from Western Governors University, UT. As a testament to her dedication to excellence, Ayanna is also a distinguished member of the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success, an esteemed organization headquartered in Miami, FL.

Before joining The Wound Pros in January 2023, Ayanna garnered extensive experience as an IT helpdesk support professional, demonstrating expertise in diverse capacities. Notably, she excelled in Tier II systems support for PC and peripheral installation, mobile and desktop software installation, hardware troubleshooting, and efficiently logging client issues in ticketing systems. Her exceptional skills proved invaluable while assisting the Los Angeles Unified School District, where she played a crucial role in deploying over 400,000 internet-enabled devices to families and employees within Los Angeles. Additionally, Ayanna's technical support proved instrumental in effectively troubleshooting connectivity issues and software installations. Her rich background and track record make her a valuable asset to The Wound Pros' Global Helpdesk Integration team.

As the Director of Global Help Desk Integration at The Wound Pros, Ayanna Releford is critical in establishing and managing the Wound Pros Help Desk. This crucial service assists external clients in effectively utilizing the company's services and applications while also monitoring ticket volumes and supervising help desk agents. Working closely with the IT staff, Ayanna troubleshoots and promptly resolves issues reported through the global IT service desk. Additionally, she leads and pioneers a dedicated team that will become an integral part of the company's global service desk initiative.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, The Wound Pros is the fastest-growing wound care management company in the United States. With a widespread presence spanning multiple western, eastern, and southern states, the company is firmly set on its mission to provide exceptional wound management services to long-term care facilities across all 50 states. Ayanna Releford's expertise and leadership contribute significantly to the company's continued success and expansion in the healthcare industry.

About The Wound Pros

The Wound Pros is a physician-owned and managed DME company with a vision to transform how the world treats and manages chronic wounds with data-driven decision-making and comprehensive documentation. The company incorporates AI and Machine Learning (ML) into wound care management to facilitate superior wound-healing outcomes. It uses a “high-tech” approach that leverages AI/ML for wound care standardization and improved healing outcomes and a “high-touch” approach offering human-to-human interactions for optimal customer service and quality service delivery. 

The Wound Pros is an accredited supplier of Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) and a Medicare Part B provider in the US. It provides wound care services to long-term facilities nationwide, including digital wound management, mobile vascular assessment, digital supply tracking, advanced EHR, and advanced wound care dressings.  

The Wound Pros is a privately held company.

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