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The appointment of Ralph J. Cetrulo as Chief Financial Officer marks a significant milestone for The Wound Pros.

Wound Care Without Walls Outreach in Davao, Philippines

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The Wound Pros expands its healing services globally, offering advanced wound care in Davao, Philippines.

Los Angeles, CA (Dec. 7th, 2023) The Wound Pros, a trailblazer in cutting-edge wound care management, is delighted to introduce its "Wound Care Without Walls" program in the Philippines. This endeavor underscores the company's worldwide dedication to healthcare and its aspiration to extend services beyond the borders of the U.S.

The first mission focused on a 63-year-old male patient in Davao, Philippines. Following a minor Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) that resulted in a fall and subsequent cervical spine surgery, the patient experienced notable motor weakness and developed two severe wounds. Despite undergoing surgical debridement at a hospital, the patient's recovery had reached a standstill.

A clinical team from The Wound Pros swiftly addressed the patient's wounds, implementing cutting-edge treatment protocols and advanced wound care supplies. The Stage 3 pressure ulcer on the right lower back underwent treatment with a comprehensive regimen, including dermal wound cleanser, Tetracyte (a proprietary topical disinfectant by The Wound Pros), collagen, and foam dressing. Similarly, the traumatic wound on the right lower leg received thorough care using the same materials and approach. The Wound Pros' automated wound measurement app, RITA, facilitated precise monitoring of the healing progress, establishing a data-driven approach to recovery.

"The launch of the Wound Care Without Walls program in the Philippines marks the initiation of our global outreach endeavors," stated Junette Cacho, Vice President of EMR and IT Development Department at The Wound Pros. "Our objective is to extend advanced wound care to those requiring assistance, regardless of location. This initiative underscores our commitment to global health and well-being."

About The Wound Care Without Walls Program

"Wound Care Without Walls (WCWW) stands as a worldwide outreach initiative by The Wound Pros designed to tackle the issue of chronic non-healing wounds. Chronic wounds, encompassing conditions like pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, and more, pose a substantial and escalating health challenge globally. Impacting millions of people, these wounds impose significant physical, emotional, and financial strains on patients and their families."

Chronic wounds are projected to impact around 1-2% of individuals in developed nations over their lifetimes. In developing areas, the prevalence can be notably higher, often attributed to restricted healthcare access and insufficient awareness.

As per the National Institutes of Health, diabetic foot ulcers impact 15-25% of individuals with diabetes, affecting 9.1 to 26 million people at various stages of their lives. It stands as a primary contributor to non-traumatic lower extremity amputations. Managing chronic wounds is a substantial financial commitment, frequently demanding prolonged care. In the U.S., the annual cost of chronic wound treatment is approximated at over $25 billion, highlighting the significant economic consequences of these conditions.

The Wound Care Without Walls initiative is crafted to address these obstacles by offering accessible and advanced wound care solutions to underserved communities globally. This program strives to extend wound care services across various regions, deploying skilled professionals or WCWW Ambassadors to deliver vital care, curbing the prevalence of chronic wounds, and mitigating lower-limb amputations. By incorporating cutting-edge technology and inventive treatment approaches, its objective is to elevate wound healing results, diminish the risk of complications, and ultimately elevate the quality of life for patients.

The initiative goes beyond personalized care, promoting awareness about preventing and managing chronic wounds. Additionally, it endeavors to form partnerships with local healthcare providers and communities, fostering sustainable wound care practices through comprehensive education and training.

About The Wound Pros

The Wound Pros is a physician-owned and managed durable medical equipment (DME) company committed to transforming the treatment and management of chronic non-healing wounds with data-driven decisions and comprehensive documentation. By incorporating technologies like AI and ML into wound care management, The Wound Pros aims to achieve superior wound healing outcomes. With services ranging from digital wound management to EHR systems and advanced wound care dressings, The Wound Pros is steadfast in delivering quality care to long-term facilities nationwide. The company aims to offer exceptional customer service and quality care by merging state-of-the-art technology with a patient-focused approach (“High-Tech, High-Touch”). As a prominent DMEPOS supplier and Medicare Part B provider, The Wound Pros serves long-term care facilities nationwide.  

The Wound Pros is a privately held company. 

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