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Discover Wound Care Consultants Ohio, a proud member of The Wound Pros family, providing advanced healing in long-term wound care facilities since 2011.
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ABOUT Wound Care Consultants OH

Welcome to Wound Care Consultants, OH -  Now Part of The Wound Pros Family!

Experienced advanced healing in long-term care facilities with Wound Care Consultants (WCC), Ohio, now a proud member of The Wound Pros family! Since 2011, WCC in Ohio has enhanced the quality of life of patients in Ohio through early wound detection, comfort, and care.

The Wound Pros and WCC Difference in Long-Term Care

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A Long History in Podiatric Excellence

Founded by a second-generation Podiatrist, WCC excels in treating the elderly and disabled, focusing on early wound identification and comprehensive foot health. From Diabetic Foot Care to Pain Management, WCC’s services cover all aspects of foot wellness essential for detecting cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. WCC podiatrists are seasoned experts with experience preventing complications and managing health conditions in nursing home residents.

Comprehensive Care Beyond Podiatry

WCC goes beyond just foot care; it offers specialized care to providers. Its holistic approach ensures all aspects of your residents' health are meticulously cared for.

The Wound Pros & WCC: The Power of Partnership

The Wound Pros & WCC forges a healthcare alliance that elevates care standards for Ohio's long-term residents.
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Enhanced Range of Services

Combining The Wound Pros' wound care expertise with WCC’s specialization in podiatry and urology for comprehensive health solutions.
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Cutting-Edge Wound Care Technology

Access to The Wound Pros' state-of-the-art treatments and protocols for superior wound care.
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Continuous Staff Development

Ongoing training in the latest techniques from experts in both fields.
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Early Detection & Effective Treatment

The Wound Pros and WCC’s partnership leads to better health outcomes and preventative care with early detection and treatments.
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Cost-Effective Care

Consolidated expertise and resources reduce healthcare costs for long-term care facilities and residents.

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