Are you a Long-Term Care Facility Seeking Superior Wound Management Services? Join The Wound Pros.

Advanced Wound Dressings

The Wound Pros offers advanced wound management products for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds.

Advanced Wound Care Dressings

A major risk factor in treating chronic wounds in long-term care facilities is the use of improper wound dressings or the lack of education of how to apply advanced wound care dressings. Simple wounds can become complicated leading to infections, gangrene and even amputation.

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Only the best wound care dressings

The Wound Pros offers the industry’s most comprehensive advanced wound healing portfolio, ensuring our customers always have the best tools at their disposal. We believe in empowering both our team of wound care specialists as well as our partnering healthcare providers with expertise, educational support, and intuitively-designed products so their patients have the best chance to heal.Because the Wound Pros is a Medicare Part B biller, we can provide the industries best wound care dressings at no cost to your facility. With access to advanced wound dressings and the education about their application, the patient has the greatest opportunity to heal.


  • Supply Medicare covered dressings
  • No cost to your facility
  • Insurance verification prior to product delivery
  • Risk management benefit
  • Less paperwork for your staff
  • Free staff education

Benefits con't

  • Prevent infections
  • Our software provides essential Medicare documentation
  • Avoid rehospitalization
  • On-going staff reduction
  • The Wound Pros accepts full assignment
  • Medicare part B biller benefits with the Wound Pros
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